“It's more than just a daily art form or expression of your personality, creativity and how you're feeling.

Fashion turns people into 'individuals'. That killer dress or a 'look' has the power to instantly transform your mood, how you feel about yourself and even other peoples perceptions of you.

It's something that if you get it right and have confidence, you can own a style that's uniquely 'you'.”

- Lauran Trace, Advertising Executive

The Style Agency is split into two, one side being our Professional Editorial section offering the very best Editorial Fashion Stylists, Professional Hair and Make up Artists and Photographers to Magazine's, Advertising agencies, Shopping centres, Hair, Fashion and Beauty houses and mainstream Corporations.

The other, offering an amazing team of Personal Fashion Stylists, Celebrity Stylists and Image Consultants working their magic for everyday people who want a little something extra from their look whether it be a tweak or complete make over.

The Style Agency are very meticulous, skillful


and thorough in selecting the most suitable creative required; Whether that be Fashion Stylist, Hair and Make Up Artist or Photographer for their Personal Styling or Editorial clients who require only the best and most professional when it comes to looking flawless!

Whether you're a stay at home mum who wants to add a little something more or polish to her casual day-to-day look or a professional needing that styled and confident edge at the work place; The Style Agency are there to ensure you achieve your every fashion desire all at an affordable cost to do so.