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The perfect gift for that special occasion whether it be an anniversary, just had a baby and want to remind that special someone that they're adored and beautiful, Christmas, Valentine's day, birthday, Mother's day, engagement gift, bridesmaids gift or an impromptu gift of thoughtful selflessness.

Buying a gorgeously boxed gift voucher from The Style Agency will show you care in one very sophisticated way. Buy a package or a fun shopping trip for someone who really deserves it.

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I can definitely say that it was a real pleasure to meet Chiquita. She was able to be professional and focused, and was also very friendly and patient. As I was a bit nervous, it was a relief to have such a good experience. The time absolutely flew by, so it must have been fun. Since returning home to New Zealand, I have had a lot of pleasure wearing my new purchases, and feel I achieved a lot in a short time, with her help. It was a lot of fun to hear her say to the sales people in the shops: “I'm her personal stylist” - made me feel like a celeb.

- Lori K, 50, New Zealand

“Labrini was great. She helped me with new outfits for my new job. I love all the clothes she suggested. I only wish we had more time!”

- Tracy A, 36, Queensland

"The Style Agency matched me perfectly with my stylist, Amber. She “got me” and helped me to bring a whole new colour palette into my life (not just black and white!). She also made me see (and believe) that I actually wasn’t as big as I thought I was which opened up a whole new style of clothes to me. I have since expanded my wardrobe, changed my look and am enjoying receiving compliments on a daily basis! Thank you."

- Siobhan C, 43, Queensland

"I thought the service was really good! The clothes I purchased are all really great; they fit my body perfectly. I definitely did learn a lot from Bridgette, and will be following my Post Style Guide as I think it suits me and how I want to look. Overall it was a success and thank you for your help."

- Sally G, 24, Sydney

"Was a really good day – nice to shop with someone different who was able to give opinions without risk of offending. Booking was easy and The Style Agency office staff were super helpful to get things organized quickly!!!"

- Tammy P, 33, Perth
Personal Styling Services & Packages

When out shopping, do you find yourself faced with so many choices (making any purchases frustrating and confusing) yet not enough answers, clear direction and confidence pertaining to your purchase's? 

  • Has your body shape and/or lifestyle changed but your wardrobe has not?

  • Are the clothes you wear a poor reflection of you and how you want to be perceived?

  • Do you rely on sales staff for clothing and accessories advise?  

  • Do you know how to shop for your shape or are you guessing and hoping for the best each and every time you try on or buy something? 

  • Do you constantly find yourself regretting purchases?

  • Do you only wear black because you’re scared or unsure of colour or do not know what colours flatter you so you stick to the same trusty black clothes in the wardrobe each and every time? 

  • Is your wardrobe due for some real direction and advise?

  • Are you clueless when it comes to mixing and matching pieces together that you may currently own? 

  • Are you unsure of whether you can wear pastels, earthy tones, patterns, block colours or bright colours?

  • Do you know what hair colouring best suits your skin tone or what hair styles best suit your body shape?

  • Are you time poor and lack the inspiration to shop efficiently?

If so, then make an enquiry and be on your way to shopping more happily and efficiently! Be amazed by how easy it is to learn what exactly works for you with your very own personal fashion stylist. Learn all there is to know about looking great whilst still remaining true to yourself and feeling like you- just a more styled you! Discover how to make a more flattering and gorgeous you just by being introduced to a whole new way of shopping. 


Celebrity Stylists, Image Consultants, Personal Stylists and Shoppers aren’t just for the rich and famous... Our chic, qualified and professional team of stylists are available to everyone no matter what their gender, size, current style, shopping budget, or lifestyle. Everyone wants to feel and look their best so that’s what we help ensure you do with all the right direction and knowledge with a personally tailored shopping trip, make over or wardrobe audit to suit your needs, location, lifestyle, body shape and budget.

Make shopping a delight and no longer a chore! You’ll enjoy every aspect of your shop with your friendly and shopping savvy stylist as you’ll be trying on clothes that work for you and discovering new accessible looks that flatter not only your shape but your budget and new or tweaked existing look.

Save a packet by knowing where and how to shop and look forward to saying goodbye to those often expensive and regretted fashion purchases.

From then on, you’ll be dressing to flatter without feeling uncomfortable or unsure. As a result you will  extrude personal confidence like never before and wake up smiling each and every day knowing you have clothes to wear that work for you!

Experience affordable, independent and unbiased professional style and image advice from Australia’s most elite and highly regarded Fashion Stylists and Image Consultants who do not accept any commissions from any retailers. 

Whether it be a little something nice for yourself or a spoiling gift for someone that deserves a little or a lot of pampering, The Style Agency's personal fashion styling services, packages and gift vouchers are the ultimate in fun and exciting indulgence for any one of any age, gender or shape. They offer the very best for real people!

Additional bridal services and bookings available including:
Professional Wedding Photography with a selection of elite Bridal Magazine and Wedding Photographers.
Bridal Hair and Make-up for wedding day and Bridal Hair and Make-up trial prior to wedding with a selection of elite Bridal Magazine, Bridal Hair and Make-up Artists.

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