Product of the Month

Shoe Envy - The Dragon Heel

Being tough doesn’t mean you can’t also be pretty. Just ask Melbourne designer Heather Potter. After working for animal and environment charities during her career in journalism and PR, she decided to create an animal-friendly shoe store which we know today as Show Envy.

Her Style Philosophy is simple – create glamourous, animal friendly statement shoes that make the average girl feel as though she can take on the world. Unlike other brands, Shoe Envy does not mass produce and ensures each pair of shoes is made from only high quality materials. Inspired by nature without the harming of any animals, customers can access styles ranging from contemporary trends to timeless classics. And the best part? Shoe Envy donates a portion of all sales to charities working to help animals.

I was lucky enough to give Shoe Envy’s signature heel labelled ‘Green Dragon’ a test run and let me tell you; they aren’t called the Green Dragon for nothing! Pop these bad boys on and already I feel slightly more powerful than I did 5 seconds prior. Heather describes this heel to a tee –“For me, the dragon shoe is the ultimate expression of feminine beauty. It’s gorgeous, primeval, alluring and a little bit dangerous”. It says, “Don’t mess with this girl today!”

And I must admit it’s hard not to agree.

Made out of a bold multi-tonal python textured fabric with striking rivets cascading the full length of the heel, it’s definitely a conversation starter. As the brand name suggests, the Green Dragon is a heel women no doubt will be envious of and men a little wary of for all the right reasons.


There are few things I love about this heel. It is not only great quality at an affordable price but is also versatile to style, meaning you can do no wrong. In case you’re not the high heel type or feel like mixing things up, they also come in Midi and Flat versions which are great alternative’s or a fab addition to your Shoe Envy collection.

Another great feature of this stylish pair of heels and something I can not go past when buying a pair of shoes is comfort. They have a built in hidden platform allowing your feet to rest easy, no band aids required! The Green Dragon is perfect for work and play and is definitely a piece I will be wearing all year round.

Shoe Envy is a boutique designer brand, available exclusively online. The Dragon heel is available in six colour variations and is currently on sale from $169.00 down to $99.00!

Review by: Lauren Grantley-Blake, Self confessed ‘shoe addict’, Bubbly office chicky and Styling Assistant for The Style Agency.

Now that’s a fab early Christmas present to yourself!


Yes To Blueberries - Cleansing Facial Towlettes

Refreshed, rehydrated and ready to go is exactly how my skin felt after getting a taste of a Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Towelette. Best of all they now come in a cute, purple travel size pack for the girl on the go.

Much like the standard version, these soothing towelettes are 99% natural and formulated with ingredients somewhat like your daily juice recipe. Blueberries, lemon peel and apple help brighten the skin while gently exfoliating the outer skin layer to remove dead skin cells. The result - Clean, fresh, radiant looking skin, which will no doubt leave you wondering how did you ever go without.

I found this product to be the perfect handbag essential, however they are also great for your glove box, home and office.


I also found them to be ideal for removing makeup or a quick freshen up throughout the day. Not to mention they are easy to use, leaving no oily residue behind on my skin meaning rinsing was not required! My skin was left feeling incredibly clean, nourished and surprisingly smooth with not a trace of makeup to be seen.

The Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Towlettes can be found at Priceline and selected stockists for a bargain price of $4.99 per pack.

Review by: Lauren Grantly-Black, Bubbly office chicky and Styling Assistant for The Style Agency.

De Lorenzo - Et Absorb - Dry Shampoo

As far as dry shampoos go I really liked this product! I found it to be a quick and easy fix to greasy, shapeless hair. I love the fact that it is similar to a hairspray and so easy to use. The rosehip extract is formulated to give volume to flat hair without drying it out. To use: I recommend spraying at an arms length for best results.


Overall I think this dry shampoo is a fab easy fix to use in between washes when you are short on time or even whilst travelling; it could be a great handbag essential. De Lorenzo Et Aborb dry-shampoo can be purchased online and in-store at Hairhouse Warehouse for $19.50.

Review by: Jenny Inhof – Hair & Make-up Assistant

Wittner Venom Boots

As a stylist I love the new Wittner range of boots because they are the first label in Australia to introduce a range of womens boots in different calf sizes. I think it’s genius and it makes me wonder why no one else had ever thought of this? Bravo Wittner!

I personally have thin legs and have always struggled to find knee length boots that stay up and I have styled many women like me. I have also styled a lot of women on the other spectrum who have very muscly legs or large calves who found longer boots too tight or too uncomfortable to wear but thanks to Wittner everyone can have their own pair of boots to suit them.

I am wearing a casual Autumn/ Winter look with the new Wittner ‘Venom’ boots in the narrow cut. I have paired the beautiful leather ‘Venom’ boots with a pair of OHARA skinny jeans, a silk top and a fur vest that I bought on a recent trip to China as well as an OHARA black leather handbag. I opted for a black pair so that I can wear them with everything and also because I have a very busy lifestyle and I know they will wear better than other colours.


The ‘Venom’ boots have a heel height of 10cm so they give me some extra height and make my legs look longer and leaner. The leather Wittner have used for these boots is amazing because it’s soft and smooth to touch yet sturdy enough to stand up.

Wittner ‘Venom’ boots are available in 3 calf sizes (Narrow, Medium and Wide) and come in sizes 35-42. They are currently on sale and now only $169.95 and can be purchased in Wittner stores across Australia and online

Review by Kash – Sydney Celebrity, Editorial & Personal Stylist for The Style Agency.

If your winter wardrobe needs a revamp and you’re loving Kash’s casual winter style, why not book in for a personal styling service with her. Send us an enquiry.

Models Prefer – Essential Brow Kit
This compact, travel sized kit is perfect for creating enviable brows that are full, sharp and defined. I fell in love with the Models Prefer brow kit for its affordability, and its 3-in-1 multi purpose function. The kit comes in a few different colours and contains a wax, setting powder, tweezers and a small angled brush. It’s perfect for makeup amateurs that are looking to add definition to sparse and unruly brows. Not many people realize how important eyebrows are for framing the eyes and giving definition to the face. With this pocket kit you are able to achieve beautifully sculpted brows within a matter of minutes; without having to go to a beautician! It is especially handy for any events or occasions you may have in between your waxes.  

I found that for my skin tone and colouring the light to medium was ideal. You can achieve a more dramatic look with a darker shade, however I recommend you match the palette to your hair colour and stick within a few shades lighter or darker. It’s simple and easy to use; I prefer using my own angled brush for precision, however the brush given will also do the job. This fabulous Australian brand is available in Priceline stores across Australia and comes at an absolute bargain of a price at just $12.99. This product will last you months or perhaps even up to a year depending on the frequency in which you use it.

Review by: Jenny Inhof – Gorgeous office girl
+ Styling & Make-up Assistant for
The Style Agency, Sydney.